STAIN Kepri will publish a journal on economics, management and accounting

STAIN Kepri – The State Islamic Religious College (STAIN) Sultan Abdurrahman Kepulauan Riau will publish a new journal in the fields of economics, management and accounting. The addition of one journal has been finalised by the Journal House at the Centre of Research and Community Service (P3M) together with journal managers in a meeting held at Balai Titah, Friday 3 May 2024.

“Last year, the six journals in STAIN have been accredited at the level of SINTA 4 and SINTA 5. It can be seen that all journals have been 100 per cent nationally accredited. This year, we will publish one new journal, in accordance with the results of a working meeting with the leadership of STAIN” said Abd. Rahman, Head of P3M STAIN Sultan Abdurrahman Kepri.

The selection of the scientific fields of Economics, Management and Sharia Accounting is as a scientific framework for the existing study programmes, namely Sharia Business Management and Sharia Accounting. These two study programmes, added the man known by the pen name as Abd Rahman Mawazi, have not been accommodated in the journal at STAIN. In addition, the presence of this journal is also to strengthen the position of the two study programmes if later, STAIN Sultan Abdurrahman Kepulauan Riau has changed its status into a State Islamic Religious Institution (IAIN).

While the coordinator of the Journal House, Dwi Rio Sudarroji said, this new journal is currently being revamped in the Open Journal System (OJS) in accordance with the necessary provisions. Meanwhile, the availability of a team of editors and reviewers as well as the manuscripts are also being finalised. To access the journal can be done through the link

Currently, his party is in the process of applying for the International Standard of Serial Number (ISSN) to BRIN. “Insha Allah, it will be in May. We are also revamping the OJS because we have just upgraded the system,” he said.


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